Days 20-22 – Rome

(6-27-17 – 6-29-17)

Days 20 through 22 were a mishmash of things.  Day 20 was another relaxing day – we spent the morning in the apartment then walked up to see my favorite building, the Pantheon, before grabbing a drink at La Proscuitteria then dinner at Flavio al Velavevodetto with some friends.  

On Day 21, we drove up the coast to Cosa to see two fish salting vat sites.  One was on the beach by an industrial complex, which was a bit scary, and the other was in a sort of nature reserve full of pine trees, which was really serene and lovely.  We were gone most of the day but returned in time to meet the parents of my best friend Louise, whose time in Rome happily overlapped with ours by a bit.  

Day 22 was spent with Louise’s parents, Polly and Neil, seeing ancient Rome’s greatest hits.  We walked around the Colosseum, the Palatine Hill, and the Forum, the visiting the Capitoline Museums.  They were absolutely wonderful – asking lots of questions and smiling indulgently when Chris answered with maybe a bit more detail than they were expecting.  We love showing people around Rome, so it was a joy to spend the day with them.  

For dinner that evening, we started Chris’s Epic Birthday Weekend.  Since he would be celebrating his golden birthday (turning 30 on the 30th), I wanted to plan an extra special surprise for him.  Part one of the surprise was meeting up with Chris Noon, who had been the best man at our wedding, and his girlfriend Helena for dinner (they are English and live in London, so it’s pretty easy for them to pop on over to the continent for the weekend, plus they are lovely people!).  

It was really touching to see the reunion of these two friends.  Chris and Noon (and I, actually) worked together on a dig ten years ago or so in the Sangro Valley and have been really close ever since.  Chris usually tries to meet up with Noon once a year during the summer since he’s coming to Europe anyway, but often the timing doesn’t work for one reason or another.  But despite the distance, both in space and time, the two are still really good friends and I love that.  

During dinner, we revealed the itinerary for the weekend (Noon and I had been planning this for a while): driving to Montepulciano, about two hours north of Rome, then visiting a few wineries in the area.  Stay tuned to find out how the weekend went!  😉


One thought on “Days 20-22 – Rome

  1. Hi Ploy. I remember meeting Chris Noon at Oberlin. He sat in on one of my classes (can’t remember which one, but it was either Virgil or Homer in the original language). I remember a big, amiable guy with a lot of presence…

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